Monthly Archives: november 2020

The Boijmans Depot Silver Opening

The Boijmans Depot Silver Opening Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen As their timeline indicates the construction of Rotterdam’s new icon is finally finished. In the following months their team will be occupied with the housing and interior of it all which means we are one step closer to the Grand Opening. […]

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Always On (Permanent Collection)

Always On Royal Picture Gallery As a sequel to “Only with Vermeer”, we set to work on an overarching concept for the Royal Picture Gallery’s permanent collection. A concept that will see the light of day both online and offline, and which supports the official program that will be set […]

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Alleen met Vermeer

Alleen met Vermeer Royal Picture Gallery This new exhibition consists solely of Johannes Vermeer’s the View of Delft. For many this offers the opportunity to (re)discover their favorite painting in a unique environment and in a completely different way that we are accustomed to. Visitors will have the opportunity to […]

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Boijmans Drive-thru Museum (Ahoy)

Boijmans Ahoy Drive-thru Museum Boijmans van Beuningen & Rotterdam Ahoy Boijmans Ahoy Drive-thru Museum was created as a reaction to the 1.5 meter society. A drive-thru exhibition in Rotterdam Ahoy, filled with fifty works of art from the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The approach of the expo is […]

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FNV Young & United

Introduction to FNV Young & United FNV Young & United As an advocate and facilitating body, the Federation of the Dutch Trade Union Movement fulfills and indispensable function in today’s society. Young & United stands for the future of tomorrow. And we must invest in our future.″Nothing is as […]

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