Always On (Permanent Collection)

Royal Picture Gallery

As a sequel to “Only with Vermeer”, we set to work on an overarching concept for the Royal Picture Gallery’s permanent collection. A concept that will see the light of day both online and offline, and which supports the official program that will be set up during the campaign period. The main focus of this campaign was to create a friendly and refreshing introduction or renewed encounter with the museum that houses the Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Bull of Potter, among others. Generating an interest to click through, discover and subsequently pay the museum a visit was pre-eminently our approach from the first second of the production process.
Discover your pearl in the Royal Picture Gallery
For this project we started dreaming. Dreaming about a fairy tale in which we display potential visitors in search for their pearl in the collection. The story of art enthusiast who strives for (self-)enrichment. Together with a friend or girlfriend, lover, family member or just alone. Our script tells a cinematic story, describing the feeling that can arouse during a visit to the museum. A universal experience that is stimulated by the countless impulses that the creative brain receives in the grand halls of the Royal Picture Gallery. A voyage of discovery, guided by the characteristic voice of the talented Stephanie Afrifa, on its way to an encounter with a painting that inspires and from which new insights may be drawn. A cultivating message to those who are yet to discover their new favourite art piece in the Hague.

“From the moment I saw View of Delft in the museum in The Hague, I knew I had seen the most beautiful painting in the world.”
Marcel Proust

Our survey showed that no less than 70% of the test group (19 to 35 years of age, living in the Randstad conurbation) were initially unfamiliar with the Mauritshuis, but on the contrary were familiar with the world-famous works hanging on the Royal walls. More than half of the same group wholeheartedly answered ‘yes’ when we asked if they knew Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring. The majority indicated that they would in fact visit the Hague museum in the near future, now that they know more about the collection.

All the works of art of the Mauritshuis collection can now also be admired online. Most of the collection has been photographed in high resolution, allowing you to zoom in to the smallest details. In the coming months, they will keep adding more and more pieces in high resolution to the website.

Always On (Permanent Collection)

Royal Picture Gallery

Target Audience
Millenial art and culture aficionados
Traditional Visitor

Project Year

Concept & Production

René Huwaë

Geert de Veer

1st AC
Cas Kerssens

Lissa Brandon

Seb Koudijzer

Production Assistant
Lisa Brouwer

Visual Editor
René Huwaë