Alleen met Vermeer

Royal Picture Gallery

This new exhibition consists solely of Johannes Vermeer’s the View of Delft. For many this offers the opportunity to (re)discover their favorite painting in a unique environment and in a completely different way that we are accustomed to. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the effect that this very special artwork has on them in total silence. All alone. An ideal viewing experience is being created to support the subtle design, perfect lighting and the fact that there are no external sounds or distractions: Alone with Vermeer.

Mauritshuis is home of the best Dutch painting of the seventeenth century. More than two hundred master pieces by Dutch and Flemish masters are on display in the intimate interior. The compact and world-renowned collection is situated in the heart of The Hague.
As a result of the exhibition Only with Vermeer – “the most beautiful painting in the world”, the request for assistance in the creative interpretation of the image campaign has been sent to Together & Dedicated. Specifically, the application deals with the creation of a poster and moving image that can be used as a Google ad banner.

Today, presenting art in its own right is often not inviting enough for the new generation of art lovers. Refreshing impulses and the integration of technology is therefore an indispensable part of the process. The basis of the image is a silhouette that is one with the environment. The person portrayed finds himself in a space in which the artwork is looked longingly and almost dreamily. The clouds reflect the reality that we as a society have been living in in recent months. In this way we see light and dark, hope and darkness. The mysterious tone of this concept arouses interest on one hand as it offers a different perspective on “View of Delft” for the people who are already familiar with it on the other.

Johannes Vermeer
Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675) left behind a small oeuvre: we only know 36 of his paintings. Vermeer is known for his preference for timeless and subdued moments that are distinguished by subtle use of color and composition. The Mauritshuis owns three paintings by Vermeer: Diana and her nymphs; a youth work with a mythological scene, the cityscape View of Delft and the world famous Girl with a Pearl Earring.

“From the moment I saw View of Delft in the museum in The Hague, I knew I had seen the most beautiful painting in the world.”
Marcel Proust

Alleen met Vermeer


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