Introduction to FNV Young & United

FNV Young & United

As an advocate and facilitating body, the Federation of the Dutch Trade Union Movement fulfills and indispensable function in today’s society.
Young & United stands for the future of tomorrow. And we must invest in our future.

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“Nothing is as difficult as your first step. But a job well conceived is a job half done.”
Tomorrows generation
For this project we were committed to create a story that highlights the core values of the FNV and the importance of the youth department. We focused on arousing the interest of the viewer without immediately disclosing everything. An approach that accompanies the viewer into a fairy tale, thereby increasing the urge to have more information and thus also functions as a stimulant to discover more and click through.
The script tells the story of a few young professionals that are entering the labor market for the first time or heading towards new directions within the market itself. Obstacles that make the path more difficult to walk on are tackled in collaboration with the young department of the FNV. We have opted for a poetic approach to be able to speak for and on behalf of everyone. The production of the concept goes hand in hand with the latter, as we translated the imagery into retrospective images from the protagonists’ careers.

Introduction to FNV Young & United

FNV Young & United

Target Audience
Young Professionals

Project Year

Together & Dedicated

Concept & Directory
André Marques & Tim Wes

René Huwaë

Tim Wes

André Marques

Edit & Color Grading
René Huwaë