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A unique collaboration between director Christiaan van Schermbeek of Studio Moois TV and creative directors André Marques Tim Wes of collective T&D, which resulted in a special documentary that retrospects, looks into the future and gives voice to both positive and critical commentary. The filmmakers delved into the image archives, interviewed Rotterdam artists who have shown at TENT over the years and portrayed young talents who are about to make their own mark in the city. Impressions from 20 years of exhibitions and events at TENT are linked to reflections on makership past and present, the ever-changing Witte de Withstraat, and social themes important to the city.


Pure Rubens



Museum Boijmans van Beuningen

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Joshua Raveneau


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  Studio Lotte


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Project Year 2018


Our goal was to provide contrasted pieces to the Studio Moois parts of the documentary. We produced three sub-parts and implemented them in the form of intermezzi. In the selection of our interviewees we opted for a multi-disciplinary base. We paid a visit to their galleries and asked them a few questions about their craft, Rotterdam and TENT.

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