The Boijmans Depot Silver Opening

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

As their timeline indicates the construction of Rotterdam’s new icon is finally finished. In the following months their team will be occupied with the housing and interior of it all which means we are one step closer to the Grand Opening. Though we are not there yet, we should all celebrate every milestone that we accomplish. So that’s exactly what we did. Together with a group of tastemakers, community leaders and the good folks of Boijmans we gathered for the Silver Opening of the newly built Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen. We were asked to document what our eyes captured and how we experienced our first time in the astonishing building. Of course we had somewhat of an expectation beforehand, but to be honest it wasn’t at all what we foresaw. A very tasteful and elegant blend of futuristic and modern design, with influences from a few of history’s great masters of art. We don’t want give away too much, and you should really just go visit and let it all come over you but it’s just crazy how the architectural team managed to implement cross-overs in their design. The Piranesi staircase for instance; very well done guys.

Alright, enough talking. Enjoy the one minute recap we created for this special occasion down below.

“Hopefully the Boijmans Depot will become a hub for different groups of people. I wish for it to be a safe space that provides opportunities for new artists to showcase their talents.”
– Agnes Montecinos

“What I wish for the Depot? That it’ll become as iconic as it already is to me.”

 – Puck Litaay

“Inside a world filled with chaos, we seek for wondrous experiences that give light to our days. As a flower that grows towards the sunrays. A definite process of life. Today we seek within the walls of our new Depot.”  – Tim & Dré

The Boijmans Depot Silver Opening

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

Target Audience
Millennials & traditional art-aficionados

Project Year

Together & Dedicated

Concept & Directory
André Marques & Tim Wes

Ashley Rottjers
Ossip van Duivenbode
Together & Dedicated

Tim Wes

Visual Editor
Reilly do Rosario