T&D is a Rotterdam based production company that redefines visual communication methods for tomorrows new world.

From concept to end product. We focus on creating sustainable solutions for organizations that require a new direction in building a refreshed brand identity. Disconnectivity with target audiences is a common issue in this digital world. Frustrating – we know – but the solutions for your problems are within arms reach. Our team offers services that consist of the development and production of marketing strategies, cross-media consultancy, offline program curation and visual concepts.

Are we a match?

Working with T&D

We focus on companies and organizations that desire to connect all elements of the marketing mix, in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage by working on more than just a social media strategy. Working with us means you desire more for your brand. A higher segmented approach on your visual identity that accompanies your long term vision. We are specialised in campaigns and marketing strategies that focuses on millennials.

Your campaign in a nutshell


Creating a impactful campaign that distinguishes you from the mass means following a couple steps of our process. In order for us to reach your target goals we perform a full scope audit of your case before we touch anything. In this part of the process we dive into questions like:
  • To what extent are you currently working on brand activation?
  • Is your visual content in line with your brand identity?
  • Are you engaging with the right target audience?
  • Are you as visible online as you are offline?

Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development

After our diagnosis it’s time to form a plan. Every company asks for different measures, which means our marketing strategies are tailor made and focused on a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving your goals and creating a gap between you and your competitors.
We believe in the power of fusion based approaches. Therefore we always constitute a mix of ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’ media combining both traditional and digital media techniques when working on your cross-media marketing campaign.

“T&D caters to your needs – we help you grow and help you determine the new visual positioning of your platform.”

Visual Concepting & Content Creation

Once the developed strategy aligns with your goals we can start building. In this part of the process we advise which content type is best applicable for your campaign and provide you with a concept plan. This plan gives you full coverage on the story line, visual methods and suggested deliverables.

It’s good to know all elements of your new content is fully produced by a team of professionals. From the music and script writing, to the video edit and color grading; we got you covered.

Offline Program Curation (Events)

In some cases you need more than online action. A complementary offline campaign in the form of a full program or single event brings your target group together, increases engagement and brings your campaign to life. It also is a beautiful opportunity for our production team to create new and unique content to share with your online audience — full circle right?

Oh, and it doesn’t matter which industry you are in. As long as you work with people we can conceptualise and produce an out of the box event that aligns with your new marketing strategy.


No worries, event production and us go way back.


Recent Projects

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen announced a new blockbuster mid 2018. This time their light was shed on the 100th jubileum celebration of one of the most iconic and influential institutes this world has ever known. We are talking about Bauhaus.
Museum Boijmans van Beuningen announced their new blockbuster early 2018. This time the light was shed on one of the most iconic painters this world has ever known. The master of the oil sketches, Peter Paul Rubens.

A unique collaboration between
director Christiaan van Schermbeek of Studio Moois TV and creative directors André Marques and Tim Wes of collective T&D, which resulted in a special documentary that retrospects, looks into the future and gives voice to both positive and critical commentary.

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